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Query What?! – Automotive Edition

March 12th, 2012 No comments

Anyone who’s managed a PPC account can probably tell you that the ways people search for things are almost as unique as the searchers themselves. Add to that the constant innovations on the part of search engines – such as Google Instant – and the resulting search queries are frequently humorous and sometimes just downright weird. Here are some of my recent favorites in our most recent edition of “Query What?!” Check out PPC Hero‘s “What the Query?” series for more interesting searches.

10) automotive pain shop (I think we can all relate to this sometimes…)

9) tire shop car auto repair beer neon light sign (Harness the power of 3 separate searches in one!)

8 ) magnets for removing dents from tubas (Highly specialized magnets, those are.)

7) auto service static cling (Does adding Downy to your car wash help with that?)

6) where is mixed paint (That’s an excellent question. Sorry that clicking on my client’s ad probably didn’t get you an answer!)

5) paintless debt repair

4) golf ball dent removal (Is it still a golf ball when you’re done?)

3) car restoration can take years (Really?)

2) hail damage repair in the world (As opposed to the galaxy?)

1) would a body shop spray a guitar (A worthy question.)

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Introducing… “Query What?!”

June 10th, 2011 No comments

I’m sure that I’m not alone among PPC managers when I say that one of my favorite aspects of my job is looking at search query reports. Why? Well, there are the practical, data-driven reasons, like the fact that that search queries are an invaluable source of account data and help craft specific, highly-targeted campaigns by informing our targeted keywords and negative keywords. However, beyond the undeniable account benefits one can reap from mining search queries, I’m fascinated by the psychology of search; I like thinking about why people are searching, how search terms differ when people search for different products and why that happens.

We strive to keep the traffic in all of our accounts as relevant and on-topic as possible. Inevitably though, no matter how diligent we are, a few searches will come through that make me take a step back and think, “Wait…what?” Without question, my favorite queries are the ones where I find myself wondering what on Earth that searcher was trying to accomplish, or why they clicked on our ad, even as I’m updating our keyword lists to prevent future irrelevant occurrences.

Thus, inspired by PPC Hero‘s “What The Query?” series of blogs, I’d like to present the first installment of BizzSpot’s “Query What?!”

10) “schwinn jogging stroller brake replacement” (auto brakes ad group)

  • Takeaway lesson here: no matter how many non-automotive brake-bearing devices I add to the mechanic’s negative keyword list, there will always be a few I would never, ever have thought of.

9) “new orleans riot” (car mechanic ad group)

  • Hmm, why did you click on an ad for a mechanic again?

8 ) “acura son”

  • “Looking for an Acura? I feel bad for you, son. I got 99 problems but my car ain’t one.”

7) “duct cleaning in west phi lambda”

  • This is either a Google Instant suggestion gone wrong or the biggest fraternity/sorority house in existence.

6) “buy commercial air duct robot”

  • I love my job because it is guaranteed that I’ll learn something new every day. Some days, I learn that things like air duct robots exist.

5) “cindy crawford curtain rods”

  • I had to Google this one to figure it out, and I was relieved to learn that apparently Cindy Crawford has her own line of home decor items. Whew.

4) “toilets of the world”

3) “tune up wallpapers”

2) “revenge on general contractors”

1) “interactive mattress”


Thank you to PPC Hero for the inspiration and the regular laughs! Fellow account managers – what are some of your personal favorite wacky queries?

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Google Adds AdWords Call Metrics – Marketers Rejoice

November 2nd, 2010 No comments

It’s been known for awhile that online marketing can and does drive offline sales, but linking the two together and effectively measuring the impact of internet advertising on offline behavior has been tricky at best. Today, Google introduced “AdWords Call Metrics,” a fusion of Google Voice and AdWords that effectively brings call tracking to AdWords.

The nuts and bolts of the service are fairly straightforward: a unique phone number is assigned to each campaign and can be automatically inserted into ads for both PCs and high-end mobile phones. When a customer calls the number in the ad, they are automatically routed to the business, and AdWords tracks the number and length of calls for each campaign. As is typical for a new product launch, Call Metrics are only available to a “limited number of US advertisers” right now.

Personally, I think this has been a long time coming and it fills a need that has only become more severe as the number of SMBs advertising online has grown. Tracking return on ad spend is crucial for any business, and of course, this move should also help Google out as businesses can see more clearly the value they get from their AdWords advertising.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of information we can glean for our clients using this new tool…that is, just as soon as it’s available in our accounts.

Greg Sterling’s post over at Search Engine Land, AdWords And Google Voice Hook Up To Form “AdWords Call Metrics”, also offers some interesting thoughts on Google’s latest offering and what Google may do with it going forward.

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